Rooting Micromax A84 Phone -100% working Method.

Dear Friends,

I bought a Micromax A84 nearly 6 months ago because of its cool specifications.

You can check complete specification on

Since, i bought this after few days i need a requirement to root this as I am an experimental type of guy.

I tried several application Like Superfuse,Superone-click use,ADB made easy and list go so far……………

Even,i tried and hard work to open and read many article on Xda-developer site but all in vain.

Several time, i install and uninstall rubbish software as mentioned above but it was just waste of time.

BUT ,Finally i found this bullet proof method to root MICROMAX A84-100% working.

So, friend who have this particular set get ready to unlock new possibilities and Enjoy Super user Rights.

Warning : This Method is working good for me,but i personally suggest users to take complete BACKUP and  i am not    responsible if anything goes wrong.

You need to follow below steps for rooting.

1. Battery level should be 80+.

2.Be sure all drivers of phone should be installed ,if not just connect USB cable and installed WCDMAPhoneusb driver setup.

3.Disconnect phone from PC/laptop.

4.Turn it Off.

5. Press VOL+ button (side way) without releasing it press power button on top.

6.A blue screen appears with welcome to fast Boot.

7.Connect your phone to computer via USB cable .wait a few minute untill window install appropriate drivers.

8. Now, you need a particular software to run,download it from link given

9. Run the superboot.exe application inculded in link.

10. Now,press enter to keyboard to show window. ( A green color window with Chinese Written Something).

11. Again, Press Enter nothing else, not any numbers or else.

12. Screen turns RED and Phone restart with Root Process Complete.

13. ENJOY !!!!!!!!!

14. After Root There is Superuser and Root explorer Icon on phone.

15. Enjoy Super user Rights and Do MORE……………

Contact if any Question……….on Facebook…..