Beware Of internet Job Scams

Hello Everyone,
These days there are lot job scams,lottery wining information bait circulated by internet. Beware of this kind of information ,they asked for you Online Money transfer and relize they are authentic.But,These are fake i am attaching some Pics of them…………

Job scams

Anyone who has ever hunted for a job can tell you that it is often a long and frustrating process.
Sometimes looking for work can seem to take more effort than working itself. That’s why
consumers are so likely to jump at the opportunity when the “perfect job” comes along.
Unfortunately, less than scrupulous individuals have come up with a way to take advantage of
those seeking employment.

Job scams may vary. The “cruise ship” scam has appeared frequently, but this scam could apply
to any type of job. The key is this; scam artists will always require some type of payment before
employment can take place. It might be for uniforms or shoes. It could be an application fee or a
fee for a security screening.

When the job of a lifetime comes along, it’s only natural to want to take every possible step to
quickly secure the position. But when asked to provide funds in advance, you should always take
the time to do some homework and make sure the person or agency you are dealing with is


•    Always use caution when some type of payment is required in advance of employment. Most
     legitimate employers will not require advance payments for things like uniforms.

•    Remember that Western Union advises against using money transfer when doing business
    with strangers or with someone whose identity you cannot absolutely verify.

•    When dealing with an unfamiliar agency or company, take a moment to contact your Better
     Business Bureau to determine if the company is legitimate or if there have been recent
    complaints. A quick phone call may be all it takes to save your hard-earned money.

•    If you have been the victim of a job scam, you should take a moment to advise both law
    enforcement and the newspaper that printed the employment advertisement. Doing so may
     not only help to catch a fraudster, but it may also prevent another unsuspecting individual
    from falling prey to such a scam.