Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro

Mixing sound and create DVD menu are applied in a powerful and unique product come together. 
Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro is software that all your needs for the production of high quality movies, clips and DVD and various celebrations and …
You comfortable editing the video to your Qadryd throughput in any format, even the High-definition HDV and Sony AVCHD can generate.This software allows you to combine clips with, correct color and combination of sounds to your movie in the studio and with access to complex techniques, especially for DVD  and give output in multiple, even online for a project as the applicant may deliver the will.
And best of all, a software editor is completely real-time. This software is not at all what you change on the film and photos to create original media because you have no change and add effects remain.  Vegas Movie Studio This freedom allows you to anxieties without mistakes happen, experience pleasure you have a video montage.
 In this program you easily Qadryd as movies and digital photos into your computer to transfer. Vegas Movie Studio quickly into the media to enter so you can quickly compile your project to start.

 With a simple drag and drop Qadryd to film and album with beautiful effects and effects along with background music to create.
Although this program useful tools that will enable your films on CD or DVD directly or burn them to WMA and QuickTime formats for video sharing sites one at your disposal to others.

The software applications can include the following:
  1. Hollywood-style – Add special effects, Trnzyshnha, title (adding text to movies) and music to home movies of the Hollywood-style
  2. Create zoom, rotation and movement in still images, movies
  3. DVD with animated menus and buttons to create custom applications and.
  4. Special Events such as your life and wedding celebrations easily develop the program and souvenir fire place.
  5. Teaser business of professional and exciting to produce.
This software Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro:

General Features:

  • Easy to work with graphics settings in the Time Line
  •  Insert button effects and settings . On film and sound track for faster access
  •  Snap to feature track, the technical development to distinguish them in terms of color is simply no wrong Zahryshan
  •  Track and edit Time-line media dual mode and audio has found.
  • Time-line media easily removable or drag-and-drop are.
  •  Show Me How – Add tutorial for how to work with different parts of software with Show Me How
  •  Real-Time immediate change completely, without rendering the media player program output
  • Support for all Rzvlyshn visual dimensions such as 4:3, 16:9 and …
  • Full support for multiple video formats with multiple frame rate
  • Add Bin (folder) for the separation of media time
  • Mark of Mark and regional business media Time Line
  • Use the undo / redo as unlimited
Features video programs:
  • Images can be a whole page in a separate window to watch.
  • Images can be even with adding effects and Trnzyshn Real-Time completely, without rendering the program monitor output will look.
  •  There are tools for correcting color imaging Videos on when not recording its shades of natural
  •  Full support for video formats MPEG 1 & 2
  • Built into each other visual frame rate (15 – 25 and 29)
  • The ability to create text or moving images on a roll
  • There project program output window
  • Ability to edit images Trakhay technique Ripple in Time Online
Program features sound:
  1.  Use multiple engines for distribution and use of different voices
  2. There are tools to balance long and sound during editing
  3. View a period sound
  4.  Ability to normalize the sound
  5. Feature extraction of CD Audio and Wave format directly from the CD
  6.  Synchronize sound and image correction capabilities that if the Syndicate is overcrowded (audio and video are after and before)
  7. Support for DirectX plugins for audio
  8.  Support for VST audio effects
  9. upport for ASIO drives
  10. Capable of recording tape
  11. There are sound correction tool
  12. There are tools for setting sound effects into voice Trakhay Time Line
Game Trnzyshn and effect:
  1. Trnzyshn having more than 185 two-dimensional and three-dimensional adjustable
  2. There are nearly 300 special effects with adjustable
  3. The ability to add mobile or fixed texts or roll (from bottom to top)
  4. There eye color correction tools (Red-eye)
  5. (Green screen) – Having to Krvmaky effects with green screen (Green screen)
  6. – Having Afkthayy for moving pictures and still images to or delete part of their
  7. Length of time voice and your every moment that Qadryd on.
  8.  Kpchr and importing media into the program:
  9. The ability to enter and Cd Audio and Gracenote MusicID
  10. Import media from Sony DVD Hindi less directly
  11. Kpchr simultaneous audio and video capabilities of all the port Dstgahayy DV Mtslnd system.
  12. To be Kpchr input through FireWire, i.LINK or IEEE-1394 devices connected to the computer.
  13. Enter a photo formats BMP, GIF, JPG and PSD
  14. Import movie formats AVI, DV, SWF, and MPEG 1 & MPEG 2
  15.  Importing audio formats WAV, MP3, AIF, CD Audio and PCA
Get out of the application environment and hardware features
Ability to develop project Wright, as a VCD and multimedia CD from within the program itself
 Ability to get out of the project several formats for use on the Web or to save disk space
 You can one-click your project in publish
 Support for images with features 1920 Ă— 1080 AVCHD (for Vegas Movie Studio Platinum)