The smallest Windows XP 2009 USB Stick with Windows XP

I am sure this ever occurred to you that this case is broken Vyndvztan be able to enter and windows below or Vyrvrsy because the system, Windows is so much you are able to do virtually nothing can not. Unfortunately, in these cases no better way to reinstall Windows is not long, but other problems installing Windows and you need emergency access to your hard drive you reinstall Windows will not be a good option. 
In such an emergency live disc (self-install) of an operating system can access data on your hard disk to your great help. Live disc (self-install) for the first time operating system release Lynkvs Shdand and high flexibility because the operating system with different hardware. Different distributions of Linux as a Live CD was released and was welcomed by users.
Windows users also always wanted a Windows Live CD so that they have no need to install Windows, can use it. Microsoft still no Windows Live has a market, but many developers and enthusiasts have been able Windows files can change the way that Windows can run only on CD and is installed without the need for different versions of this live disc features several have been published.
The smallest Windows XP 2009 USB Stick with Windows XP that is ready to receive.