IIT JEE Result 2009

This year IIT JEE saw a mixed reaction from students and experts with physics being rated as relatively easy and chemistry as the toughest. Maths had the right level of difficulty to test the students without wasting too much of time.

Now looking at the distribution of marks amongst various topics and chapters, we can see their was a clear distribution of marks in physics and chemistry with ‘Electricity and Magnetism’ and ‘Mechanics’ accounting for 60 % of the total marks in Physics, Organic chemistry had the highest proportion of marks with 56% and Inorganic and physical chemistry accounted for 20% and 24% respectively.

However in Maths there was almost equal distribution of marks with Coordinate Geometry accounting for 25% of the total marks and Differential calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, Vectors Matrix Determinants and Integral calculus had a share of 18%, 16%, 15%, 13% and 13% respectively.

We have done this analysis so as to guide and help the students preparing for IIT JEE 2010, so that they can plan and formulate their strategy accordingly.